Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Choosing A Program

We offer graduate students three research –intensive degrees (MSc, MASc, PhD), and four professional course-based programs (MIF, MSFM, MF, MGEM).


The Faculty of Forestry is committed to providing outstanding support and services to our graduate students. We do our best to ensure that graduate students feel valued and respected, are engaged in the intellectual and social life of the faculty, and feel well prepared for their next steps after they complete their program. UBC Vancouver has a variety of spaces that foster a sense of community for graduate students.

  • PhD: PhD in Forestry students can be found all over the world; they are important ambassadors for UBC Forestry and demonstrate just how diverse and international in scope the research is that is undertaken in our Faculty.
  • MSc and MASc: UBC Forestry offers a research (thesis) -based Master’s program within a Science (MSc) or an Applied Science (MASc) credential. Thesis Master’s students receive training in research techniques, and also make contributions in their own right to the body of knowledge. The type of work undertaken by an MSc or MASc student tends to be focused, looking at a specific problem, and is generally completed within 2-3 years.

  • MGEM: The Master of Geomatics for Environmental Management is a 9 month, course-based program that provides the geospatial skills and landscape ecology context required to tackle pressing environmental issues.
  • MSFM: The Master of Sustainable Forest Management is a 9 month, professional master’s program that prepares students for careers as professional forest land managers.
  • MIF: The Master of International Forestry is a 10-month, professional master’s program that provides the knowledge, skills and tools required to address the social, environmental and business challenges related to global forest change.
  • MF: The Master of Forestry is a course-based degree program offered as part of a dual-degree partnership with other European and Canadian Universities: TRANSFOR-M (Transatlantic Forestry Master).
  • MUFL(Pending Approval)

The Forestry Graduate Student Association (FGSA) represents all graduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Forestry. The FGSA organizes social events, represents forestry grad students in various organizations, and supports grad students in building connections in the academic and professional communities. See the FGAS website for more info.

The First Nations House of Learning is often considered a “home away from home” to many students and faculty who identify as First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and Indigenous. A number of services are offered here, and a free lunch is hosted from 12:30-1:30pm every Tuesday from September to March. Visit the FNHL website for more information.

Our graduate students come from all over the world to study a diverse range of topics. See the Faculty’s Student life and Profile page to learn more about some of the research being conducted by current graduate students.

The University of British Columbia is one of Canada’s leading research universities, and the Faculty of Forestry is ranked 3rd in the world. The forestry graduate program strives to ensure our graduates develop professional skills to smoothly transition into working careers through access to excellent courses and cutting-edge research.

Awards and Funding

The Faculty of Forestry offers competitive funding packages for Doctoral and research-based Masters students. Financial support is drawn from a number of sources including awards (external awards, UBC awards, Faculty of Forestry internal awards), graduate teaching assistantships (GTA), and graduate research assistant stipends (GRA) from professors’ research grants.

How to Apply

Deadlines and application process vary depending on the program. See the Faculty’s How to Apply page to learn about each program’s application process and deadlines.